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(From an interview by Professor Nikita Pokrovsky with the artist Anton Kumankov)


The Girl in Yellow

     e both work together on your portrait. Having one's portrait done is an extremely interesting idea and exciting project (as they say in modern lingo).

     ndeed, a portrait can be a wonderful present for a loved one. Having a supervisor's portrait done could be a demonstration of the employees' good will toward him or her. Many of my models want to see themselves through the eyes of an artist, to take a look inside the mirror of their own soul. Parents often wish to have a commemorative keepsake of their children, who grow up and change so quickly. The reasons for having one's portrait done vary greatly, but there are a few commonalities, or, more accurately, considerations, that should be kept in mind.

     he internal worlds of the portrait model and the artist himself in their own way initiate a "chemical reaction". What happens and how it happens during this reaction, I cannot say. But in the fulfillment of it, you can achieve quite an interesting meeting of the souls, a certain magic of cooperative creativity, you might say.

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